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Junior Development Team/Coaching

2G1D Events, LLC

Event Promotion Services and Junior Development Cycling Team

Junior Development Team/Coaching

Why Juniors?

Very few find cycling alone. A friend, relative, or mentor is usually the culprit behind the cycling fanatic.

Those who participate know that is is a sport of dedication, focus, drive, intelligence, and professionalism, all critical elements that go into a successful adult, no matter the application. Cycling teaches these skills in a healthy environment, with all participants able to strive for individual goals, and 2G1D provides the support to achieve those goals.

Our group training, rides, clinics, and regular fun activities provide your junior athlete to learn from our experience, to grow into healthy, respecting, and self aware members of the peloton.

To begin, all you need to do is drop us a line at info@2g1devents.com, or telephone (509) 435-1304 to schedule an initial consultation. Coaching programs are billed monthly, with no long term commitment required.

USA Cycling membership is provided to all levels of coaching, so should a rider wish to race, all of the proper steps are covered.


Coaching Programs




Team Membership


Group coaching, training programs, sponsorship discounts, all ride participation, clinic entries, USA Cycling Membership

Personal $40/Month


Individual, focused, specific coaching, all ride participation, clinic entries, USA Cycling Membership

Clinics $10 each


Cycling specific, one hour clinics taught by area professionals


1. Is this a racing program?

2G1D is about cycling. Racing is only a part of that. From tours and Gran Fondos to the Tour de France (some day, right?) we will work with every rider to develop their skills and fitness to strive for every goal.

2. What about other commitments?

Our training is always happening. Can’t make it this day/week/month? No problem, we will put together individualized programs that you can work on as a group, with a friend, or alone as time permits.

3. Is this just during the spring and summer?

Heck no! Although the colder months are not as easy, we are always thinking about the bike!


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